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Perfect For Private Dining & Parties


The Mainland Inn is the perfect place for special events and parties. Our dining room and patio are fully accessible ... read more

Craig LaBan's favorite restaurants: PA & NJ Suburbs

What follows is a summary of the restaurants reviewed this year, primarily on Sundays, but also in Thursday Food features.

As always, there were second chances and revisits to a handful of restaurants to check for improvement. I went back to six places that seemed within striking distance of a rating change - those are designated with an asterisk.

Good news there: One stepped up from two to three bells (Aldine), one moved from one to two (Ardé), another climbed out of the no-bells basement (Bonchon), and another (the Mainland Inn) held steady at three after a major chef change...

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Beyond Organic: Meet the owner Sloane Six

Driving along the tree-lined road in Harleysville, Pennsylvania whose outskirts contain homes and businesses among the bustling suburbs you come to a curve, a large painted stone ... read more



Book Your Country Wedding Now!


Looking for the perfect "Rustic Wedding"? Your country farm wedding will feature the incredible cuisine and beautiful settings  ... read more





The Healthy Difference Of Pastured Foods

In January 2015, Sloane Six reopened the doors to Mainland Inn  ...  originally constructed in the 1700s that features refined, modern dining rooms while embracing its historical charm. ... read more